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Citeos is the VINCI Energies brand bringing together its lighting and urban equipment offering for local authorities.




LyonCiteos provides expertise in the areas of public lighting, heritage enhancement, festive illuminations and dynamic urban equipment. The purpose of the brand is to meet local authorities’ beautification, performance, safety, security and energy consumption needs. It also covers urban video protection, access control, dynamic information and power supply terminals. Citeos business units offers installation design, implementation, maintenance services and global management.


Expertise and local service to support local authorities

Equipements urbains dynamiquesCiteos brings together 50 VINCI Energies Group business units across France. The brand operates as a network, offering local authorities in both urban and rural areas the technical capabilities and experience of a lighting and urban equipment specialist while providing local service.



  • Heritage enhancement highlights and showcases the city’s identity. These emblematic projects are a source of pride for the city’s population. The Saint Just high school, which stands on the Fourvière hill in Lyons, can be seen from the banks of the Saône. Since 2008 it has been illuminated with low-consumption lighting. Photovoltaic panels placed on the building offset the energy consumed by its illumination.
    This project meets two major requirements of local authorities: to continue to light cities and enhance monuments while consuming less energy.



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