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Graniou provides a global offering covering rollout and maintenance of telecommunications infrastructure for fixed-line and mobile networks. Contributing to the growth of such technologies as mobile multimedia (3G and 3G+), wireless Internet, terrestrial digital television and FTTH* fixed-line telecommunications networks, the brand is at the heart of tomorrow’s innovations.




Graniou: telecommunications infrastructure

Across Europe, the 46 business units belonging to the network enable Graniou to provide its customers – telecommunications operators, equipment suppliers and local authorities or infrastructure managers – with global offerings in terms of both expertise and geographical coverage.

The fixed line and mobile network solutions provided by Graniou ensure investment optimisation, cost and operating risk control, quality improvement and infrastructure reliability. They also take changes in environmental and health requirements on board.


Pioneering alternative fixed-line networks

With its track record of 20,000 km of fixed line networks accounting for over 3 million kilometres of optical and coaxial cable, Graniou is a pioneering brand in the engineering and construction of optical fibre networks. Its business units have a unique knowledge base and unrivalled market feedback in locating, structurally designing, engineering, building and maintaining fixed-line network infrastructure.


A partner of mobile network operators

With over 30,000 radio sites installed across Europe and beyond (Caribbean, Indian Ocean, etc.) Graniou has a leading position in mobile network infrastructure rollout and the brand is a significant partner for operators and equipment suppliers, providing them with turnkey and customised solutions: radio engineering, site acquisition and construction, environmental integration of radio relay stations, installation and commissioning of active equipment, site maintenance and technical operation, radio optimisation of networks, etc...


(*) FTTH : Fiber To The Home



  • In 2008 the brand won a three-year contract from French operator Orange: Graniou will maintain 8,000 fixed-line and mobile access sites in 22 departments in southwestern France. This Orange contract is the largest ever obtained for this operator: over €10 million per year.


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