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Our commitments: solidarity, trust and responsibility for all


VINCI Energies has always carried in its philosophy the human values of solidarity, trust, autonomy and responsibility. The Group thus adopts the development and pooling of the competencies of its employees. With a view to promoting diversity and equal opportunities, the Group also encourages the hiring of young people, training, mobility and exchanges among the employees of its business units.

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Nurturing talent

The Group spirit assists in enabling each employee to be an entrepreneur and develop his or her skills and in making the most of each employee’s commitment to customers and the business unit.

The VINCI Energies culture encourages the openness and creativity of its employees. The business units put this into practice, with their “learning and support” programs.  
Business units are on a human scale that makes it easy for employees to take responsibility and adopt career development. This is encouraged at all stages of the employee’s career within the business unit, with a focus on promoting equal opportunities.
Forward-looking jobs and skills management, individual interviews, training and experience sharing help each employee to achieve his or her potential within a sound, united and networked Group.

This goal of providing training and support is pursued within the Académie VINCI Energies in all the countries in which the Group operates.



The VINCI Energies Académie, which provided 136,000 hours of training in 2012, is a training facility serving the women and men who make up the Group since 1984.

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In their ongoing endeavour to make a positive contribution to their economic and social environment, the business units of the VINCI Energies Group promotes employment.

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Every year, on 28 April, the Group’s employees are mobilised across all the business units and all the worksites in all countries to initiate a dialogue about enhancing safety and sharing best practices.

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