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Orientation and induction: first steps within the Group


Developing the competencies of its employees is a priority within the VINCI Energies Group. Another priority is providing orientation for newly hired employees: high-quality induction is crucial to ensuring the long-term success of every employee hired.


Journée de l'pprentissage




Orientation and induction

Many activities are already under way within the VINCI Energies Group business units to foster the orientation of newly recruited employees.

  • induction and training courses
  • new employee day : organised by region to introduce the Group and its activities, they enable new employees from different business units and in different positions to meet and hold discussions amongst themselves and with the top managers of the Group.


Welcoming young people in the Pépinière program

For many years the VINCI Energies Group has been conducting an active policy of recruiting young people into its Pépinière program. Graduates of universities, engineering and business schools are recruited for a first job in a VINCI Energies business unit with the ultimate purpose of developing the Group.
These young graduates follow a special development course:
  • Worksite immersion
  • Visits to Group business units to explore the various VINCI Energies business lines
  • Training, especially in the Académie
  • Regular interviews to review the ongoing program
  • Participation in "Group" meetings
  • Drafting a program report with the goal of sharing impressions and suggestions with top management.


In 2012, the VINCI Energies Pépinière program welcomed 300 young people.

A special “European Pépinière program” enables young people from the European countries in which the Group has recently begun operating to join a VINCI Energies business unit outside their country of origin for two or three years.



In their ongoing endeavour to make a positive contribution to their economic and social environment, the business units of the VINCI Energies Group promotes employment.

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International operations


Over time, VINCI Energies has grown by integrating new business units all over the world. International operations now account for one third of its revenue and profits.

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