VINCI Energies on the web

  1. Advanced Energies

    Business unit website Advanced Energies

    Design and project management of projects Renewable Energies and Energy Performance.

  2. Ancelin

    Business unit website Ancelin

    Specialising in energy networks and lighting, the Ancelin business unit has succeeded in adapting…

  3. Avenir Toiture Vosges

    Business unit website Avenir Toiture Vosges

    AVENIR TOITURES VOSGES has supported the development of our region for 75 years, previously under…

  4. Axeau

    Business unit website Axeau

    Axeau responds to the most regarding specifications of the water sector.

  5. Barillec Marine

    Business unit website Barillec Marine

    50 years of experience in marine electrical systems

  6. CEE Allier

    Business unit website CEE Allier

    CEE Allier is specialized for over 40 years in the field of electrical grids.

  7. CEF Nord

    Business unit website CEF Nord

    The CEF Nord business unit designs, implements and maintains cooling, air treatment, heating and…

  8. Cegelec

    Business unit website Cegelec

    A portal to the Cegelec Business Units websites

  9. Cegelec Ancenis Infras

    Business unit website Cegelec Ancenis Infras

    Cegelec Ancenis Infras delivers electrical distribution, gas and civil engineering works

  10. Cegelec Belgium

    Business unit website Cegelec Belgium

    Cegelec business units stand for quality and expertise in construction, industrial and commercial…