VINCI Energies on the web

  1. Cegelec Tertiaire IDF

    Business unit website Cegelec Tertiaire IDF

    Cegelec Tertiaire IDF offers a comprehensive range of benefits and services in the areas of HVAC…

  2. Cegelec Valenciennes Tertiaire

    Business unit website Cegelec Valenciennes Tertiaire

    Cegelec Valenciennes Tertiaire, the expert company for the management of tertiary projects in the…

  3. CIEC Réseaux

    Business unit website CIEC Réseaux

    The CIEC Réseaux business unit specialises in the construction and maintenance of electricity,…

  4. Darlavoix

    Business unit website Darlavoix

    Darlavoix disclaims its approach to development around the Safety Preservation of the Environment.

  5. EGER Guadeloupe

    Business unit website EGER Guadeloupe

    The EGER Guadeloupe Business unit website


    Business unit website ENFRASYS

    French business unit dedicated in design engineering-implementation-maintenance for information…

  7. Fradin Bretton

    Business unit website Fradin Bretton

    Fradin Bretton is a business unit of VINCI Energies Group specializes in the design and…

  8. FROID 14

    Business unit website FROID 14

    FROID 14, your partner regarding your cooling loads

  9. Garczynski Traploir

    Business unit website Garczynski Traploir

    Electrical Engineering specialist

  10. GASQUET Entreprise

    Business unit website GASQUET Entreprise

    GASQUET is a French business unit dedicated in studies and construction of electricity…