VINCI Energies on the web

  1. SDEL Energis Saumur

    Business unit website SDEL Energis Saumur

    We advise our customers and design and implement high and low voltage electrical equipment for all…

  2. SDEL Océane

    Business unit website SDEL Océane

    Specialising in energy network infrastructure (electricity, gas, ICT and public lighting) in the…

  3. Service One Alliance

    Business unit website Service One Alliance

    We consolidate the strengths from 20 leading ICT service providers to offer a competitive partner…


    Business unit website SOCALEC

    For more than half a century, SOCALEC has specialised in electrical infrastructure systems


    Business unit website SORMEA

    French business unit dedicated in studies, measurements, analysis for traffic studies,…

  6. STE Armor

    Business unit website STE Armor

    Specialising in HV and LV electricity distribution

  7. Sylvestre Energies

    Business unit website Sylvestre Energies

    Specialising in high and low voltage electrical systems for the service sector

  8. T.O.P

    Business unit website T.O.P

    T.O.P specialises in designing and implementing air conditioning, ventilation, heating and…

  9. Thermo Réfrigération

    Business unit website Thermo Réfrigération

    We operate in temperature and air treatment systems.

  10. Tunzini Limoges

    Business unit website Tunzini Limoges

    TUNZINI Limoges offers a full range of climate engineering services.