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Our social commitment : development and growth for everyone


At VINCI Energies, on-going economic success is indissociably linked to an ambitious human resources project.


Welcoming and helping grow

In order to support its growth and the development of its businesses, VINCI Energies has an active human resources development policy, within the Group. It encourages the hiring of young people, training, labor dialogue and exchanges between employees. The goal is to harness skills and to find synergies.

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Equal opportunity

Diversity and equal opportunity are essential components of the VINCI Employee Responsibility Policy. The VINCI Manifesto, published at the end of 2006, publicly presents this commitment and the principles adopted within the Group and its subsidiaries.

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Prevention and safety

Safety at work is an absolute priority. Mobilization is everyone’s business. There is a clear objective shared by all of the business units of the Group: “zero accident”.

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Cédric MOSCATELLI, director

"The enrichment of the human resources of our business units represents a key success factor for the sustainability of our development. This means implementing a plan of actions for human resources:

  • Recruiting young people (qualification contracts, “Pépinère” programs) and less represented categories (senior citizens, women, handicapped persons, people from immigrant background, etc.),
  • Educating people (vocational, continuing, individual right to education)
  • Transmitting knowledge (tutoring, transfers, etc.)."