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Strategic ambitions


Growing energy requirements, the environmental revolution, growing transport demand and information technologies are generating strategic markets in which VINCI Energies has positioned itself.




Energy requirements and the environmental revolution

Our world consumes more and more energy as time goes on. The increasing cost of energy and growing environmental awareness across the world (Kyoto Protocol, Grenelle Environment Forum, etc.) are prompting companies and local authorities to optimise their consumption. Their increasing interest in sustainable development and energy efficiency, as well as government incentives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, are driving the move to renewable energies.
VINCI Energies operates in these new markets, meeting the growing demand for energy infrastructure and green energy while upgrading existing installations to make them more energy efficient.


Growing transport demand

Transport markets, especially in urban environments, are also undergoing profound change.
Across the world, the rapid growth of urban areas that are more and more densely populated and spread out calls for the creation of safe, reliable, rapid and non-polluting transport systems.
Growing transport demand is generating new needs: roads, light rail, airports and intelligent solutions for operating existing infrastructure efficiently. This urbanisation is opening up scores of transport-related markets in which VINCI Energies is positioned as a specialist.

The acceleration of information technologies

Today’s world of communication and knowledge sharing holds out prospects for future markets. Beyond the development of the Internet, future telecommunications networks will have to cope with faster and more voluminous flows of data. Mobile network operators are investing in third-generation 3G and 3G+ infrastructure and have already announced the advent of 4G. The rollout of fixed-line FTTH (Fiber to the Home) telecommunications networks confirms the demand for new telecommunications infrastructure and for replacement of the existing infrastructure. The Smart Grid - the emergence of intelligent power systems that are able to better manage flows of power generated and consumed - is also part of the future information technologies. These are opportunities for the Group to implement its expertise.


The women and men at VINCI Energies, close to customers

VINCI Energies’ strategic ambitions are obviously based on its main source of energy: the women and men who make up the Group. These 39,000 professionals, spread over 900 business units located in 22 countries, make up a genuine network of strong competencies and expert business units. The Group owes its outstanding performance to all these local business units operating close to their customers.




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