Balikesir wind farm


Balikesir wind farm is located 200km south of Istanbul. It is the largest wind farm in Turkey and has a maximum installed power of 143 MW. It was built by

Cegelec Power Plants for the Turkish energy producer Enerji SA, General Electric having provided the 52 wind turbines of 2.75 MW.

Cegelec Power Plant services are covering all the integration cycle EPC of the wind turbines, from the transport from Bandirma harbor (South of Istanbul, on the Marmara Sea) and assembly of the turbines, to building ready to use electrical systems 33kV and SCADA system of the farm, until providing a 154 kV station as well as 8 km of high voltage line to the connection point with the national grid of TEIAS, without forgetting civil engineering (35km of roads – platforms – administration and electrical buildings).

The company also designed the computerized monitoring and control system. It can be use from the control room or remotely from Istanbul.