Renovation of a school group in Luxembourg

koerig-00The city of Koerich, in Luxembourg, started the renovation project of its school group in 2008. Since December 2009, the 250 children of the school can enjoy high end heating-fan-cooling system (CVC) and sanitary. Heating equipment using wood chips were installed. A boiler uses this energy to make hot water. This heated water circulates through over 3 500m of pipes to continuously and evenly diffuse heat through the floor and the radiators in the entirety of the new building. In addition, in the CVC center, located in the basement of the school, five air handling units can treat over 41 000 m3 of air. They are in charge of ventilation for 80% of the building area and can be helped by another CVC center in needed. Also, water distribution amenities, sanitary and a system to collect rain water for the toilets and gardening have been installed by VINCI Energies.