Amanda Favre, Project Engineer at VINCI Energies

Being a Project Engineer at VINCI Energies.

amanda-favreAs a Project Engineer, my role is to ensure that the contract is smoothly executed on time and in accordance with the technical requirements and financial objectives. I also have to keep an eye on quality and make sure that the safety and environmental requirements are met. My job is different every day, and that is what I like about it.

One day, I may be overseeing equipment production and performing acceptance procedures at the premises of a supplier and the next day I may be on the worksite to monitor execution. My job takes team spirit and people skills, because I am often in touch with the clients, suppliers and of course my own team.

I don’t handle my projects alone. I work mainly with a Technical Manager, a Project Purchasing Agent and a worksite team. I find it very rewarding to be the interface on projects because it enables me to cover a wide variety

Amanda Favre
Project Engineer at VINCI Energies