Aude Muniglia, Business Unit Manager at VINCI Energies

Being a Business Unit Manager at VINCI Energies.


12 years ago, after I finished my senior-year internship as an Automation Engineer, I was hired at VINCI Energies and was named Project Head and then Project Manager. Today, I am a Business Unit Manager, heading a team of 26 engineers.

Originally, I chose VINCI Energies because of the projects it offered. I stayed because I was given the freedom to be an entrepreneur and to my mind that is what accounts for the Group’s strength.

My job requires entrepreneurship, a fair amount of imagination and people skills. You must not shy away from taking on responsibility! My duties are fairly wide-ranging, from defining the strategy of the Business Unit to managing sales and human resources. But what I like most about my job is encouraging my team to grow. The Business Unit Manager is like an orchestra conductor, driving the momentum of the Business Unit. When you manage to identify the added value that each employee can contribute to the Business Unit and you succeed in orchestrating it all, you get astonishing and hugely satisfying results.

Aude Muniglia
Business Unit Manager at VINCI Energies


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