Aurélien Sionneau, Electrical Fitter at VINCI Energies

Being a Fitter at VINCI Energies.

aurelien-sionneauI started out at VINCI Energies six years ago when I was hired directly under a long-term contract. What attracted me was working in a Business Unit on a human scale – we have about 30 employees – while benefiting from the advantages of a large group like VINCI Energies.

My job consists in installing high and low current electrical systems in buildings. I myself work mostly in new commercial and office buildings. I like my job and the activity on the worksite, especially since I am never far from home.

Most of the time, I work in a team of two or three people but sometimes I work alone on a small worksite. This gives me a degree of autonomy in the tasks I perform.


Aurélien Sionneau
Electrical Fitter at VINCI Energies