Cécile Labrune, Design Engineer at VINCI Energies

Being a Design Engineer at VINCI Energies.


I am an Engineer in the design office of a VINCI Energies Business Unit. The projects I am entrusted with are wide-ranging. I never do the same thing twice.

My assignments can range from design studies to equipment production and on-site finalisation to comprehensive project oversight. I work on the mechanical design and sizing of projects but I may also be asked to manage the teams doing the calculations for more specific subjects.

On each project, I work in a team of three that includes the Project Manager and the Purchasing Manager. What I like about my job is the team spirit and also the diversity of the projects, which are always technically interesting. VINCI Energies is an excellent technical training ground with real experts operating in every field.

Cécile Labrune
Design Engineer at VINCI Energies