Major player in energy services

Technological solutions for companies and public authorities

In 2010, the Cegelec business units joined VINCI Energies and thus bring their expertise in automation, instrumentation and control, climate and electrical engineering.

Within VINCI Energies, the Cegelec business units offer a major proportion of the group’s expertise and provide technological services for companies and public authorities. From design to multi-technical maintenance, these business units cover a wide variety of business lines and their teams support customers’ ambitious projects from start to finish.

Cegelec locations around the world

Cegelec business units on the web

  1. CEE Allier

    Business unit website CEE Allier

    CEE Allier is specialized for over 40 years in the field of electrical grids.

  2. CEF Nord

    Business unit website CEF Nord

    The CEF Nord business unit designs, implements and maintains cooling, air treatment, heating and…

  3. Cegelec

    Business unit website Cegelec

    A portal to the Cegelec Business Units websites

  4. Cegelec Ancenis Infras

    Business unit website Cegelec Ancenis Infras

    Cegelec Ancenis Infras delivers electrical distribution, gas and civil engineering works

  5. Cegelec Belgium

    Business unit website Cegelec Belgium

    Cegelec business units stand for quality and expertise in construction, industrial and commercial…

  6. Cegelec CEM

    Business unit website Cegelec CEM

    Engineering as global integrator in design, nuclear mechanical equipment and commissioning.

  7. Cegelec Centre Est Tertiaire

    Business unit website Cegelec Centre Est Tertiaire

    Cegelec Centre Est Tertiaire want to invent the agile and citizen Business Unit of tomorrow

  8. Cegelec Défense

    Business unit website Cegelec Défense

    Cegelec Défense groups together two Business Units which share the same development strategy, the…

  9. Cegelec Mobility

    Business unit website Cegelec Mobility

    Perfect synergy between Rails, Roads and Tunnels activities.

  10. Cegelec Netherlands

    Business unit website Cegelec Netherlands

    Specialized in advice, design, engineering, installation and maintenance of fire protection…