Major player in energy services

Technological solutions for companies and public authorities

In 2010, the Cegelec business units joined VINCI Energies and thus bring their expertise in automation, instrumentation and control, climate and electrical engineering.

Within VINCI Energies, the Cegelec business units offer a major proportion of the group’s expertise and provide technological services for companies and public authorities. From design to multi-technical maintenance, these business units cover a wide variety of business lines and their teams support customers’ ambitious projects from start to finish.

Cegelec locations around the world

Cegelec business units on the web

  1. Cegelec Perpignan

    Business unit website Cegelec Perpignan

    A major provider of services for the region's companies and public authorities, Cegelec Perpignan…

  2. Cegelec Polynésie

    Business unit website Cegelec Polynésie

    Cegelec Polynésie offers companies and local authorities a full range of high value added…

  3. Cegelec Projets Espace

    Business unit website Cegelec Projets Espace

    The Cegelec Projets Espace business unit is a pioneer in the European space sector. Used to…

  4. Cegelec Quimper Infras

    Business unit website Cegelec Quimper Infras

    Cegelec Quimper Infras specialises in power distribution: low voltage grids, high voltage grids…

  5. Cegelec Shelters Transport Métallerie (STM)

    Business unit website Cegelec Shelters Transport Métallerie (STM)

    Expert in telecom shelters design, metalwork and equipment and transport systems.

  6. Cegelec Tertiaire IDF

    Business unit website Cegelec Tertiaire IDF

    Cegelec Tertiaire IDF offers a comprehensive range of benefits and services in the areas of HVAC…

  7. Cegelec Valenciennes Tertiaire

    Business unit website Cegelec Valenciennes Tertiaire

    Cegelec Valenciennes Tertiaire, the expert company for the management of tertiary projects in the…

  8. Citeos

    Brand website Citeos

    Solutions to light up your life in the city

  9. Czech Republic

    Country website Czech Republic

    Discover VINCI Energies in Czech Republic

  10. Danemark

    Country website Danemark

    Discover VINCI Energies in Danemark