Major player in energy services

Technological solutions for companies and public authorities

In 2010, the Cegelec business units joined VINCI Energies and thus bring their expertise in automation, instrumentation and control, climate and electrical engineering.

Within VINCI Energies, the Cegelec business units offer a major proportion of the group’s expertise and provide technological services for companies and public authorities. From design to multi-technical maintenance, these business units cover a wide variety of business lines and their teams support customers’ ambitious projects from start to finish.

Cegelec locations around the world

Cegelec business units on the web

  1. KLIM'TOP Controls

    Business unit website KLIM'TOP Controls

    Solutions for long-term storage for vegetables and cereals

  2. L'entreprise Electrique

    Business unit website L'entreprise Electrique

    Our company operates in Electrical Public Works.

  3. Le Froid Provençal

    Business unit website Le Froid Provençal

    Le Froid Provençal is a company specialized in the fields of commercial and industrial…

  4. LEE Ingénierie

    Business unit website LEE Ingénierie

    French business unit dedicated in mobility engineering and project management.

  5. Lee Sormea

    Business unit website Lee Sormea

    Lee Sormea is a VINCI Energies Group company with expertise in mobility, traffic data collection,…

  6. Masselin Fabrication

    Business unit website Masselin Fabrication

    MASSELIN Fabrication delivers three specific sets of expertise: sheet metal / metalworking, powder…

  7. Masselin Océane

    Business unit website Masselin Océane

    MASSELIN OCEANE, founded in 1974, operates in the electrical and climate engineering market.

  8. Mentor IMC

    Business unit website Mentor IMC

    Providing experienced project specialists to the oil & gas industry.

  9. Monnier Entreprises

    Business unit website Monnier Entreprises

    Monnier SARL brings together four business units prepared to work on all types of service sector,…

  10. Morocco

    Country website Morocco

    Discover VINCI Energies in Morocco