Charlotte Lepré, Administrative and Account Manager, Actemium, France

Charlotte LEPRE_

Right from the start of my second year of university studies in business and government administration, I got involved in a work-study programme at one of VINCI Energies' business units. Throughout the next three years of my studies at business school, I continued with this work-study scheme, but changed business units within the Group. I learned a great deal during this work-study programme and people quickly entrusted me with responsibilities. I don't think many other companies could offer this kind of opportunity. Once I graduated, I was hired under a permanent contract as Administrative and Account Manager at Roiret Expo.

When the project was completed, I joined Actemium in Lyons. My days are now full dealing with corporate accounting, financial, tax, legal and labour issues, and I manage a team of 4 staff members. My position requires a lot of versatility and discipline - being able to switch easily from one subject to another, having good relationship skills, and above all, knowing how to listen to the staff. My job is quite well-rounded, but a bit focused on the accounting side I admit! Being an Administrative and Account Manager means you are at the heart of the decision-making process, you are the chief advisor for the director of the business unit for labour issues and as the management controller of the business unit you also have to remain agile and proactive. Finally, you need to be creative when it comes to reconciling accounting and administrative standards with the real life situation of the business unit and operational staff.