Driving in traffic: A safety issue!

When you drive through a tunnel or merge onto a freeway, can you imagine the number of measures in place to increase your safety?

The equation is simple: If more and more people travel by road, traffic density will escalate and infrastructures must be adapted to support it, to increase motorist safety, and to reduce the impact on the environment caused by the increase in usage (traffic control, revised speed limits, etc.). To address these issues, intelligent road infrastructures are installed in urban road networks, motorways, freeways, tunnels, bridges, and inter-city connections….

When the road becomes intelligent

safety roadSmoke from fires, cars driving the wrong way, pedestrians on the road, or vehicle breakdowns … the route is unpredictable. To increase the safety of road users, these risks are detected by dynamic equipment and roadway security systems. In case of danger, alert and intervention mechanisms are engaged: automatic detection, information and directions for motorists, fire-fighting equipment, or emergency response services.

VINCI Energies makes the road safer

safety tunnel renovationThe installation of specialised equipment helps increase safety on both the road and in tunnels. VINCI Energies conducts studies, performs installations, and puts into operation Automatic Incident Detection (AID) systems. So far, 22 tunnels on Ile de France motorways (lien vers référence) have been equipped; more than 46 Km de motorways have been provided with a network of 1450 CCTV cameras. The Group’s business units also worked on the Croix Rousse tunnel, the A89 freeway tunnel, the A86 duplex tunnel, the Ems tunnel, and the South Prado tunnel.

safety tunnelActemium designed, developed, and deployed the computer system for emergency closure of the tunnels and covered sections of the A14. This project includes command control of security systems, implementation of scenario-based fire plans, and integration with the existing architecture. In La Défense, the VINCI Energies teams deployed an hypervisor that displays all objects and facilities at the La Défense site and offers better coordination of maintenance operations, security and tunnel management.

To transmit alerts in case of danger, Axians implemented TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) security networks for emergency medical and fire services (SAMU, SDIS) and for site management in the A86 duplex tunnel, to ensure that all galleries and technical spaces have coverage.

The installation of specialised equipment helps facilitate travel. For example in Rouen, VINCI Energies has designed and installed a comprehensive urban traffic management system, producing tangible results: journey times have been cut by 25% on average.

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