Jean-Marc Sanchez, Project Manager at VINCI Energies

Being a Project Manager at VINCI Energies.


When I completed my apprenticeship contract six years ago, I started work at VINCI Energies as an Assistant Project Manager. I gradually expanded my skills and today I have real autonomy.

What I like about my job as Project Manager is the fact that I work on all aspects of a project: both the technical and work execution part and the administrative and sales part.

To do this job, you need to be responsive and above all organised, and you need to have a sense of responsibility.

By joining VINCI Energies, I am able to work for a Business Unit on a human scale that is part of a large group. In addition, I like the leeway that I am given. The Business Unit trusts me and I know that not all companies do that.

Jean-Marc Sanchez
Project Manager at VINCI Energies


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