Jean-Marc Sanchez, Project Manager, BSO, France

Sanchez JM I started six years ago as an apprentice with the VINCI Energies' business unit Barde Sud-Ouest. The idea of being an apprentice appealed to me because I wanted to discover what it was really like out there in the field. After my apprenticeship, I was hired by the business unit and since then, I've had the opportunity to make real progress in my career and have been entrusted with more and more responsibility. I always wanted to take on more - and the business unit gave me this chance to gain independence on the job. My job position is multi-faceted, and you have to know how to react quickly and adapt to all kinds of situations!

I like how much freedom we have at VINCI Energies to do our job as project managers. They really trust me and it's not always like that in other companies, especially when you're as young as I am (25). I was happy to see how quickly I was given responsibilities and how people trusted me to bring in the business. Plus, control methods are quite relevant, such as Quartz, for example.

What I really like the most about being a Project Manager is working on projects from start to finish. You get to be familiar with all aspects - from the technical side to building, as well as the management and commercial issues. Having this comprehensive viewpoint is what makes the job so special and exciting. I like being in the driver's seat when managing a project! It's very demanding because you have to come up with the right quote, negotiate with the customer and then implement the solution in a profitable way. But it's so satisfying once the project is finished!

To do well in this job, I think the main thing is to be organised and have a sense of responsibility. You count your days by the tasks you have ahead of you and not the hours! You also have to have good inter-personal, management and administrative skills - since you do have a lot of people to manage!

When I joined VINCI Energies, I really benefited from working for a business unit on a human scale that is part of a major Group. For example, I saw the policy to exchange expertise among employees via networking in action myself. I had the opportunity to leave for a year to support our teams on site in Guadeloupe, assisting in connection with a project to build a photovoltaic power plant (lien vers article photovoltaïque). Everything went really well and it was a great experience that enabled me to discover other business units in the Group, different working methods and to experience what staff members talk about everyday in terms of solidarity and mutual assistance between VINCI Energies business units.

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