Jose Antonio Ramos Casado, Worksite Manager, Tecuni, Espagne

Ramos Jose Antonio

I started working in 2002 as an apprentice for Tecuni, a VINCI Energies' business unit after having finished vocational training. The reputation of the company, the excellent results it achieved and the career development opportunities they had to offer really appealed to me. Since then, I haven't been disappointed! Solidarity is a value that really means a lot at VINCI Energies. I've learned so much through my colleagues.  I've become a fibre optics specialist, which is now the basis of my technical expertise.

After just a few years, my responsibilities increased along with my skill set. Now I manage a team of a dozen persons. Out in the field, I'm in charge of supervising the work sites, and participate in tracking progress made on the works in close cooperation with the project leader, customers and sub-contractors. For example, we work together for work sites involving public lighting, laying fibre optic cables and burying telephone lines, among other jobs. It's extremely gratifying to see the results of your work!

This job requires a lot of organisation and planning. You also have to have good people skills and know how to build a relationship of trust among team members and all players involved.

VINCI Energies has made it possible for me to move up at Tecuni, with really interesting possibilities for my career path, so it's only natural that I have gone on to share my knowledge with others. That's why I devote time to training. The Group demonstrates its main values this way - showing solidarity, ensuring a rewarding career, helping you enhance your skills. Each member of the Group has the possibility of developing professionally. If you're excited about the job, like to pick up new challenges and work with a team, you'll find everything you need to develop a great career at VINCI Energies.