Menno Brontsema, Engineer, Actemium, Netherlands

Brontsema Menno

I remember when I was still a young student and joined VINCI Energies as an electrical engineering consultant right after graduating from civil engineering school. I was twenty-one back then. After three years, I had the chance to move up from the position of Junior Engineer to Engineer, and then to Lead Engineer in the beginning of 2014. I chose to work for VINCI Energies because the Group offers so many possibilities to develop your skills in a number of different positions. After being with the Group for eight years now, I can say that it's really true too!

My job consists in conveying the customer's basic requirements in terms of electrical infrastructures. My instructions are then used as a basis for Engineers to complete the detailed design. I'm also there to support our Engineers during the project and monitor progress made. What are the assets you need to be a Senior Engineer? I think you need to have good people skills, but also a sense of responsibility.

What I love the most about my job is that each day is different and I'm given freedom of faction. I can also take advantage of a number of training programmes. There's so much to learn with the VINCI Energies network! That's how you can make progress, discover new things and grow and mature in your career.