Mickaël Lahaye, Worksite Manager at VINCI Energies

Being a Worksite Manager at VINCI Energies.


I am a Worksite Manager. My job consists in making sure that the entire electrical part of a building is implemented on time and according to best practices.

I personally work on large projects lasting two or three years and have responsibility for a team that varies between 10 and 20 people, not counting subcontractors and temporary workers. I work with the Contract Manager to manage work schedules, equipment orders, worksite planning and monitoring. For a Worksite Manager, there is no such thing as routine.

What I like is the versatility of the job, watching progress on the worksite – Worksite Managers are the only category of personnel to be present from start to finish – and managing people. It is truly gratifying to see the result at the end of the project !

Mickaël Lahaye
Worksite Manager at VINCI Energies