An innovative store concept in The Hague in the Netherlands

With the recently launched “Store of the Future” project in the New Babylon shopping centre in The Hague, new business approaches are being tested. The aim is to create a unique experience with consumers so that they will come back to shop.

Store of the futureThe “Store of the Future”, The Netherlands’ first retail innovation lab, is a joint initiative of The City of The Hague and Q&A Research & Consultancy. The project, located in the New Babylon shopping centre in The Hague, involves more than 60 retailers, brands, real estate companies, technology companies and retail financial partners.

Thanks to the new concept, consumers can benefit from a novel store experience that combines the “physical” discovery of products with interactivity, engagement and information sharing, in the same way as an e-commerce site.

For the project to work, a high-performance, open-ended IT infrastructure was needed that would meet retailers’ business innovation expectations. The Axians teams, in partnership with Cisco, have developed the infrastructure for a full-scale laboratory of new ideas. “Because it was the first time we were involved in this type of project, we asked the Axians teams what they thought would be the most appropriate infrastructure”, explained John Terra, Retail Research Director at Q&A Research & Consultancy. ”Their ideas gave us confidence. It was a complex project, involving a number of partners so it was good to have a proactive partner who thinks along the same lines and is flexible”.