Cannes: Maintenance of the Carlton and the Martinez

In Cannes, VINCI Facilities is providing the multi-technical maintenance for the Martinez and the Carlton, the mythical palatial hotels located on the Croisette.

maintenanceEveryone knows, at least by name, these two five-star hotels in Cannes. The Martinez belongs to the Hyatt Group and has 409 rooms including 27 suites. The Carlton, one of the flagships of the InterContinental Group, has 343 rooms including 39 suites. 

Following requests for proposals, first the Martinez and then the Carlton chose VINCI Facilities to provide their multi-technical maintenance.

Although they have different owners, these two palaces have similar requirements: adaptation to the fluctuations of business and immediate response in the event of a breakdown. The technicians must work very discreetly and have a real commitment to service.

With the agreement of the technical managers of both establishments, VINCI Facilities has implemented an original and effective organization system: its on-site technical teams go back and forth between the two hotels so that they have perfect knowledge of both facilities.