Cegelec Brest strengthens its partnership with Brest naval base

Several months ago, Brest naval base launched an extensive programme to upgrade its electrical systems that included the installation of electrical networks for two new buildings named "Batterie de sept" and "Laninon".

Base Navale de BrestBrest is France's second largest naval base after Toulon. It provides maintenance and docking facilities for French military nuclear-powered vessels such as nuclear-armed ballistic missile submarines, nuclear attack submarines and aircraft carriers.

Following a call for tenders, Cegelec Brest was selected to upgrade the electrical systems. The project involves installing and commissioning 6 interconnectable frequency converters, as well as installing the wiring and high voltage switchboards, and providing supervision and instrumentation and control for the installations in the "Batterie de sept" and "Laninon" buildings.

The main feature of the specifications was that the installed frequency systems had to be static in order to benefit from the flexibility offered by power electronics. The French grid operates on a frequency of 50Hz, which needs to be converted to support the use of electrical systems on board French navy vessels as these can operate on different frequencies according to the type of vessel. The conditions for connecting a vessel to the shore-side power network are therefore of critical importance since the French navy requires a reliable and stable power supply.

Several VINCI Energies companies played a part in the success of the project, which is due to last 5 years. The design offices of Cegelec Brest and Cegelec Rennes Projets worked hand in hand to put together the technical proposal. Axians Bretagne Ouest, Actemium Brest, Cegelec Rennes Tertiaire and SDEL Contrôle commande in Nantes will also contribute to the project implementation through IT networks, supervision, and instrumentation and control.