Citeos dresses up Castle Square in Strasbourg

Lit up and looking its best thanks to Citeos, Castle Square in Strasbourg displays its new look to evening strollers

citeos-illumination-strasbourg-vinci-energiesLocated on the southern flank of the Cathedral, Castle Square comprises several iconic structures that date from different eras between the Middle Ages and the twentieth century. After redevelopment work that improved its appearance and the banning of wheeled traffic, evening strollers can now admire its luminous attire designed by Citeos (link to Citeos website) for the three buildings that surround it.  

Rohan Palace, built in the 18th century, has been used for several purposes: as the residence of the Cardinals de Rohan, as the Town Hall and as the Imperial and later Royal Palace. It currently houses three museums. The Fustel de Coulanges college, built in 1759, is a former Jesuit school. Finally, the Oeuvre Notre-Dame, which houses a museum, was built from 1585 onward, in the Gothic and Renaissance styles. The building facades facing the square are lit by two tiers of spotlights recessed into the pavement. The light is then projected gradually up to the top of the buildings, while limiting the shadows that would otherwise spoil the appearance of the architecture. The details of the facades are likewise highlighted.  

Combine beauty and energy savings with Citeos  

The lighting installed by Citeos is energy-efficient. The LED technology used, which is becoming more and more common, consumes little power. Thanks to its use, all the equipment installed consumes only 10 kWh overall, the same as six clothes irons. The installation comprises 108 devices recessed into the pavement, 90 projectors, 182 neon tubes and 11 miles of cable. In 2012 Citeos installed a similar lighting system along the banks of the river Ill, consisting of 1052 spotlights recessed into the ground. The illumination of Castle Square is the second phase of the city’s “lighting campaign”. The third stage will consist of illuminating Strasbourg Cathedral. This project is scheduled for completion in 2015, marking the thousandth anniversary of the Cathedral‘s foundation.  

Design : Jean-Yves SOËTINCK / L’ACTE LUMIERE Picture : Citeos / Xavier Boymond