Connected health in digital hospitals

Remote and secure access to medical files, wifi for patients and remote consultations… With connected hospitals, technology is at the service of health care.

Axians CH Troyes

The digital revolution is also affecting the health care sector. In hospitals, new services are facilitating the work of health care practitioners and relations with patients, as at Troyes Hospital (France).

For several years now, the Troyes Hospital Center has been implementing numerous transformations of its information system. Recent expansion work provided an opportunity to redesign the network infrastructure and in particular to create a new server room for greater rapidity and fluidity in the exchanges of information and communications within the hospital. For this project, the Hospital Center is accompanied by Axians, the VINCI Energies brand specializing in the field of information technologies.

Connected hospital: better care for patients, facilitating the work of health care practitioners

By securing the wireless network and with the implementation of solutions, Axians allows health care practitioners to access patient files, even if they are outside of the hospital center. Doctors can also issue prescriptions directly from the patient's bedside or consult care plans from a tablet or a PC. All of the information, consolidated within the patient's electronic file, is accessible simply and in an optimized fashion.

A remote consultation system was also deployed. With this system, the patient no longer has to travel as much: he can do his exams in a health center near his home. The results are then sent to the Troyes Hospital Center where they will be analyzed in concert with the doctor who did the analyses. This system also allows the hospital doctors to remotely consult with their colleagues who can thus do a telediagnosis in real time.

"As the showcase of the new technologies dedicated to health care, the Troyes Hospital Centre aims to be a bridgehead so that technology in the service of health care is a reality for everyone. Our new information system is the base for a multitude of health care applications: electronic medical files, applications of traceability of medications, mobility of medical teams," says Michaël de Block, DSIC of the Troyes Hospital Center.

The Troyes Hospital Center is the showcase establishment of the Champagne Sud hospital community. Beyond the benefits specific to the work, the project should allow for the exchange of data between the nine hospitals and the many EHPAD (Housing facilities for dependent elderly people) of the territory.

The connected hospital, a place "anchored in the city"

More broadly deploying the WIFI network within the hospital is also an important step. In Troyes, the WIFI network, already installed in some departments, was deployed throughout the hospital. It offers multiple benefits: making sure that patients and visitors are not cut off from the outside world, making sure that medical equipment is connected to the central unit, and also offering entertainment to children when they are receiving care that may be painful by letting them play with tablets.