Electro-Mobility development in the French region of Cher

The Syndicat d'Energie du Cher and Citeos are committed to the first Public Service Delegation for the development of electromobility.

Citeos_Cher_texteThe “Syndicat d’Energie du Cher” and Citeos, are committed in the first public service delegation developing of Electro-Mobility. “Syndicat Départemental d’Énergie du Cher (SDE18) and Citeos are jointly committed to support Electro Mobility by signing the first Public Service Delegation for the operation of E.Car'18, the network of charging stations in the region. This innovative contract allows the two partners to co-build a development strategy for a common goal: to give everyone access to the charging service for their electric vehicle throughout the Cher region.

To design and promote the service development strategy, SDE18 and Citeos have conceived and co-constructed a new business model based on assumptions of attendance and exploitation analyzed and selected together.

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