Hack La Factory: the first VINCI Energies IoT and Big Data hackathon

VINCI Energies held its first IoT and Big Data hackathon from 12 to 14 May 2017. Participants were invited to propose and develop new value-added services based on IoT and Big Data technologies.

Over a period of 48 hours, nearly 200 people took part in one of the seven challenges put forward by VINCI Energies. Participants included in-house teams made up of VINCI Energies employees from a variety of countries (France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Morocco, Romania and Portugal).

The winning startup in each challenge received a grant and the opportunity to carry out a three-month incubation programme within La Factory, the VINCI Energies open innovation space, to develop the product and/or service. The winning in-house projects will also be developed over coming months. The goal is to put together new services that can be included in VINCI Energies' offerings going forward.

The winners

The winners of the seven challenges are:

  • Image processing: How to optimise the maintenance of electrical pylons?

Startup – Sterblue

In-house team - Corrosion Squad

  • Data transmission: How to make maintenance in factories more connected?

Startup – Otto (+) Matt

In-house team – Dream Team

  • Geolocation: How to improve the customer experience in supermarkets?

Startup – Occi

In-house team - CSO – Go Market

  • Clean city: How to make the city cleaner and more welcoming?

Startup – I-Troll

In-house team – ADoodyClean

  • Healthy city: How to make the city more breathable and pleasant for citizens?

Startup - Inside Air

In-house team - Air-O

  • Digitisation: How to optimise the energy management of industrial sites?

Startup – DDE

In-house team – Energy Mix

  • Chatbot: How to improve the well-being of the occupants of offices by making their service interactions easier?

Startup – Oroshi

VINCI Energies Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Yves Meignié said: "Given the high quality of the entries, we had a hard time selecting the winners from among the outside startups and international VINCI Energies teams. The hackathon highlighted the broad range of possibilities offered by our four business lines and the potential synergies between our brands and business lines."

"This first hackathon generated innovations that can be developed into VINCI Energies solutions and services going forward. This is just the start of an adventure that continues, now, with support for the winning startups and teams," said Lydia Babaci-Victor, VINCI Energies Director of Business Development and Innovation.

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