Le Cargo: "France's largest digital incubator" has been completed

The Macdonald warehouse in northern Paris is the site of an ambitious rehabilitation project. Two VINCI Energies companies were involved in fitting out "Le Cargo", the business incubator based on its premises.

McDo_texteMeasuring 617m in length, the Macdonald warehouse is the longest building in Paris. And covering 5 hectares, it occupies as much space as the Louvre or Ile Saint-Louis, and is almost twice as long as the Eiffel Tower. An ambitious conversion project, to which property developer ICADE is contributing for the City of Paris (specifically RIVP, the city's property management agency), has turned it into a genuine district that includes housing, shops, offices, a nursery and a school. The building also hosts a business incubator, extending over 15,000 square metres and 7 floors, named Le Cargo, on which two VINCI Energies companies worked

VINCI Energies involved in technical works packages for Le Cargo

The two companies were in charge of the HV/LV electricity, HVAC and plumbing packages. "The incubator comprises 125 offices of 40 to 120 square metres. We fitted out the business premises on each level and added, for each office, the electrical cabinet, power supply and sockets in the raised floor, and installed the built-in circuits for the computer systems and fibre access per package", explains Laurent Piriou, project director and business unit manager at VINCI Energies. "The building is distinctive in that the architects worked extensively with metal and glass, and in that there is no false ceiling. We fitted "petal" fluorescent light fixtures and LEDs which provide both a lighting and an acoustic correction solution", he adds.

VINCI Energies also carried out the CLIMESPACE and CPCU primary delivery points along with the secondary distribution networks, and supplied and installed the terminal devices. Some 378 air conditioning units, a dual-flow air handling unit and 150 fully-equipped bathroom facilities were installed.

The building, which has earned France's HQE certification (High Environmental Quality) and "BBC" low-energy building label, meets the design requirements set out in RT 2005¹ and houses 160 solar PV panels.

View the project video

Foundations, infrastructure, superstructure: VINCI Construction France was involved in this large-scale project at each phase of its transformation. Watch the video to get an overview of the work carried out.


¹RT 2005: the 2005 Thermal Regulations aim to cut energy costs in buildings (by controlling energy consumption and reducing greenhouse gas emissions).