MES: Actemium software solutions to be deployed at banknote printing plant

The Banque de France has selected software solutions published by Actemium to be used at its Chamalières printing plant.

Banque de France Actemium To ensure that the production process, banknote traceability and acquisition of production data is secure and reliable, the Banque de France has selected PRODUCIM® MES and PRODUCIM® LSM solutions so as to integrate MES software into its Chamalières printing plant. The solutions are published by Actemium, the VINCI Energies industrial processes brand.

A Manufacturing Execution System (MES) collects all production-related data in real time, throughout the entire chain: from reception of the raw materials, in this case the paper needed to print the banknotes, to dispatch of the end product. In doing so, it tracks the production, quality and traceability of the items.

Software solutions for tracking banknote production

The PRODUCIM® MES and PRODUCIM® LSM solutions perform a number of functions. They automate and enhance the reliability of the note production counting system at each stage of the process and of the system for ensuring unitary traceability of denominations. Each product is identified in a unique way. "Just as a household printer can get jammed and can tear a sheet of paper, it is important to be able to trace any problems occurring in the printing process and to know when, how and why a sheet that enters the manufacturing process does not come out again", explains Jean-Michel Blanc, MES sales manager at Actemium.

The software is also used to capture information related to production data (quantities, time, incidents, productivity and quality), "a conventional solution used in industrial processes".

Following an analysis phase of the existing system, Actemium will install and commission the software package, then train printing plant staff members to use it by June 2016. The brand will also install the necessary printing and reader equipment: sensors, cameras, barcode printers, barcode readers, handheld readers, etc.