Reasons for working at VINCI Energies

Working at VINCI Energies means contributing to projects that improve everyday life, make it safer, and pave the way to the future.

VINCI Energies recrutementFrom mobility to industry and including energy and telecommunications, VINCI Energies is active in many sectors. Becoming an employee of the Group, means being involved in major projects, of all sizes and types, with new ones appearing all the time. It also means honing your skills and growing professionally, particularly through training and mobility.

VINCI Energies is a very active recruiter: in 2012 and 2013, our business units hired 15,000 employees with permanent contracts, beginners or experienced people, in all of the 50 countries where we have operations and with a broad range of profiles.

Bring your energy and your will into wonderful projects and build the future with us!