Rehabilitation of A42 motorway stormwater basins

Enfrasys, a VINCI Energies business unit, has rehabilitated the hydraulic, electromechanical and communication installations on the A42 motorway stormwater basins, for the Centre-East Roads Department.

The department manages about 1,200 km of roads, mainly located in the Rhone-Alps, Burgundy and Allier areas. East of Lyon, complete renovation of the A42 motorway basin installations was needed due to ageing of the facilities. The basins are used to treat stormwater from the adjacent motorway platforms. Management of stormwater basins requires special attention due to the environmental repercussions that can result from incorrect operation of the systems and infrastructure involved (water table, allotments, water catchment areas that supply water to Lyon).

Enfrasys was awarded the rehabilitation project consisting of 2 km of basins, two spill tanks with a total capacity of 6,000 m3, two wells and three pumping stations. All the work was carried out without interruption to the services provided by the roads department, in partnership with the teams at the Pierre Bénite Operating Centre and the Genas Coordination Station.

Watch a video of the project