Smart City: Chartres Tests Interactive Public Lighting

Public lighting networks will soon no longer serve only for lighting streets. In the city of Chartres, which intends to become a reference as a smart city, it is now used to manage urban applications designed to improve the lives of the inhabitants.

Smart city : Chartres teste l’éclairage public communicant avec CiteosLighting commanded by motion sensors, the real-time measurement of meteorological data or the monitoring of the level of waste collected in waste bins... Who could have imagined such features could be included in public lighting networks? By giving a lighting network the capacity to communicate it becomes an intelligent and integrated urban management system. In Chartres (28), Citeos, the VINCI Energies Urban Lighting and Equipment brand has installed a demonstrator in the heart of the city, for a one-year pilot project.

How does interactive public lighting render the city smarter?

« The public lighting network The public lighting network has a lot to offer cities: already in place, it links up all areas and can therefore be operated directly, without any additional infrastructure costs. », Xavier Albouy, CEO of Citeos.

Citeos has installed interactive electronic modules at the foot of each lamp post in the area concerned by the project. These modules were designed and developed by SysPlug, a local start-up. The backbone of the experiment, the public lighting network is converted into a structuring digital ecosystem.

The lighting towers, equipped with intelligent sensors, not only light up when required - in the presence of a person in the street - but they also facilitate the management of urban applications, such as the automatic watering of green spaces, the administration of available parking spaces, or the provision of power to charging stations for electric vehicles.

In addition to improving the living environment for the population, these applications will help Chartres reduce its energy consumption and make it a greener city. On its own, lighting which is switched on only when needed enables savings of up to 30% on an energy expenditure which represents 40% of the total electricity consumption of cities.

This project is the result of a partnership between the city of Chartres, the Chartres Metropolitan Area, Citeos, Sysplug, and GI Smartware.

You are interested in smart lighting? Xavier Albouy, the CEO of the Citeos brand, will present the project in Chartres during a conference at the Innovative City Trade Show (lien vers page agenda dédiée). His presentation is scheduled on 25th June at 11h15, in Salle Galliéni 5 at the Acropolis in Nice.