Smart city: Lighting by remote sensing, intelligent and responsible

Imagine a street in which the lights get brighter as you walk ahead. Something out of the future? Not really!


Following Aubinges (18) and Chartres, Citeos, the Lighting and Urban Equipment Brand of VINCI Energies, is testing public lighting by presence detection in Aix-les-Bains. Cars, bicycles or pedestrians: regardless of the mode of transport, the system can detect the presence of users via magnetic sensors and adapt the lighting level as they go by.

Innovation and energy savings in public lighting

These lights work with LEDs (Light Emitting Diode), a solution which is more and more frequently used in various lighting applications. LEDs have a reputation for using relatively little energy and they can shift very rapidly from minimum safety lighting to maximum lighting, allowing for adaptation of the quantity of light provided to the surrounding luminosity conditions.

The presence detection system implemented by Citeos is intelligent and acts on one or several light fixtures to turn them on remotely, to define the profiles for switching them on and to send detection messages. By varying the power supply voltage, this system allows for the instantaneous gradation of the LEDs and also the programming of use scenarios, for example reducing the power of the LED light fixtures to 15% of their flux as of 11 PM, when the lighting needs are lower.