South Europe Atlantic high-speed rail line: a one-of-a-kind project

The Tours-Bordeaux high-speed rail line is a unique project in Europe. Several VINCI Energies business units are involved in important phases of the construction of this exceptional structure.

SEA With its 340 kilometres of track (including 300km of high speed line and 40km of connecting lines) and 500 engineering structures, the South Europe Atlantic (SEA) high-speed link is currently the largest project of this type in Europe. It is progressing at a very fast pace in order to meet the six-year construction schedule, with effective handover due in the summer of 2017.

Various VINCI Energies business units are working as associated companies within the Superstructure sub-group (railway works staging bases, tracks and catenaries), the Energy sub-group (power supply works) and the project management group.

The Energy sub-group is currently busy building the four electricity supply transformer stations and the 27 line substations, while the Superstructure sub-group is involved in the installation of the catenaries and in the construction and management of the site's two staging bases.

Once commercial operation of this vast, one-of-a-kind project has started in the summer of 2017, the journey time between Bordeaux and Paris will be just two hours and five minutes.