Station F startup incubator opens

Inaugurated by the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, on 29 June, the renovation of the former Freyssinet rail hangar involved two VINCI Energies business units.

It took three years to transform the Halle Freyssinet, a former rail hangar in Paris’s 13th district dating back to the 1920s, into Station F.

There are now 34,000 square metres of space to house a startup incubator. The central area, 10 metres long and 58 metres wide and built in concrete, has been designed in three separate, complementary areas by architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte. “Create” is the work area for startups. “Share” is intended for joint services, and includes an auditorium, a “fab lab” with self-service 3D printers, a post office and a store displaying the creations of the startups. “Chill” is an area open to the general public that will include a 24/7 catering area from the end of 2017.

Two VINCI Energies business units involved in the renovation

Santerne IdF Tertiaire and SDEL ITT took part in the renovation. Santerne IdF Tertiaire carried out the high voltage works and supplied the generator set under separate works packages and SDEL ITT supplied the voice-data-image package and low voltage works.

Station F, financed by Xavier Niel, will welcome its first tenants on 1 July. Of the thousand startups expected to apply to Station F, 200 will be directly accommodated following selection. The others will be hosted under partnerships that will focus on specific themes.