Two VINCI Energies companies awarded prizes for innovative products

Every two years, The VINCI Innovation Prize rewards the most innovative projects conducted in the VINCI Group.

Two VINCI Energies companies (SDEL Nantes and G+H Isolierung GmbH Würzburg), were awarded the VINCI Innovation Prize at a ceremony held in Paris on 21 November. Innovation is more than ever at the heart of VINCI Energies business lines. This year, almost 2075 projects were proposed. 


Sustainable development prize : optimising energy performance


SDEL Nantes received the Sustainable development prize for its method -- based on a logistics platform -- for reducing both power consumption and the cost of maintaining lighting systems.

The company developed a comprehensive lighting-management solution comprising a network of energy efficiency optimisers, simple devices that combine a motion detector within an adjustable field with a system of brightness sensors. When the lighting installation is controlled by this system, its lights are switched on only in areas where human activity is detected. Moreover the intensity of the artificial lighting is adjusted to allow for the natural light provided by skylights.

In cost terms the proposed solution seems unbeatable, since it enables overall savings of 60% with respect to the prior conventional installation.


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Materials, processes and techniques prize : fire protection for cable trays

For its part, G+H Isolierung GmbH Würzburg was awarded the Materials, processes and techniques prize for its system that enables insulation of cable trays and consequently prevention of endogenous fire outbreaks while protecting the cables from exogenous fires.

Already in its fifth year on the market, this system has been ranked among the top five products exhibited at the ISO Insulation Industry Fair [German  Isolierer Fachmesse] which was held in Cologne in May 2012. In February 2013 the company received the Feuertrutz Prize for best fire-protection product of the year. 


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