Unique video wall for L'Oréal

L'Oréal wanted the best possible digital display solution for the lobby of its head office in Clichy, Paris region (France). Axians took up the challenge... to maximum effect.

Mur d'images Axians_texteAs part of the refurbishment of L'Oréal's head office, Axians installed an 18m-long video wall in the new lobby. It had to meet several criteria, such as delivering ultra high definition, perfect fluidity of up to 50 images per second, a level of brightness suited to the environment and full compliance in terms of colour calibration.

Axians was appointed to design, install and implement this unique project. The system can display multiple still or moving images, or a single image covering the entire screen. The size and quality of the display produce a spectacular effect, and its resolution delivers an exceptionally high-quality image even close up.

But the project does not stop there. It also includes a distinctive digital object in the form of a clock, which uses the same display technology as the main video wall. Today, L'Oréal boasts the most striking and longest high-definition display in existence.

View the project video