VINCI Energies expands its range of ICT solutions and services with the acquisition of the Quadix company

VINCI Energies has just acquired the Quadix company in a move that expands the positioning of Axians, its dedicated information and communication technology brand.

Quadix_texte Quadix, with 50 employees and revenue of €16 million, is located in the Rhône-Alpes region (France). It specialises in the integration of information systems, outsourcing and Cloud services

"The acquisition of Quadix enables Axians to offer Cloud solutions as well as systems integration, virtualisation and storage expertise. It consolidates and rounds out the Axians solutions and services offering in the Rhône-Alpes – Auvergne region. The move accelerates Axians’ expansion in the region by providing a new comprehensive range of services for all our customers”, says VINCI Energies France Managing Director Hervé Adam.

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