VINCI Energies invests in ALCI via its Inerbiz fund

ALCI, artificial intelligence at the heart of robotised solutions to optimise seeds.

VINCI Energies, via Inerbiz, its managerial investment fund, has decided to take a share in ALCI, a company specialising in robotics for the agrifood industry and in quality control systems for seeds. This partnership will enable ALCI to continue to deploy outside France by giving it access to the global network of companies operating under the Actemium brand, the VINCI Energies brand specialising in industrial processes.

Given the planet’s constantly growing population, combined with the increasing scarcity of natural resources and of cultivable land, agricultural players need to find efficient, sustainable solutions to guarantee productivity and the quality of seeds and harvests. ALCI offers seed manufacturers solutions to improve their seed selection and production processes. The company, based in Montpellier in southern France, has developed its Expert System, which is decision support software that it incorporates in its products and solutions. Based on a product that has been digitalised by vision sensors, the Expert System enables robotised systems to either process and transform target products or generate quality indicators for the digitalised product. This innovation enables ALCI to offer robotised solutions, or quality control solutions, that are innovative and capable of carrying out increasingly complex tasks.

Hervé Turchi, the CEO of ALCI, said: “For our customers, these solutions differentiate us, and for them the challenge is to bring new, better seeds to market more rapidly. This close partnership with Actemium will give us the possibility of support from a first-class expert network and let us consolidate our innovative projects.”

Sylvain Reumeau, director at VINCI Energies, said: “VINCI Energies’ acquisition of a stake in ALCI offers this startup international expansion prospects. ALCI can now count on Actemium and its network of 350 companies in 40 countries to develop synergies and take advantage of its expertise to market innovative services.”

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