VINCI Energies invests in GreenMe

GreenMe, the start-up that invented the IoT cube dedicated to workplace environment quality.

Via its Inerbiz managerial investment fund, VINCI Energies has acquired a stake in GreenMe, the start-up specialising in sensor cubes for use in the property sector. Thanks to the partnership with the group’s dedicated facility management brand VINCI Facilities, 200 sensor cubes have already been rolled out. This investment will enable VINCI Facilities to continue its innovation and use-focused building operation programme and will give GreenMe greater international reach.

The GreenMe sensor cube continuously measures six comfort, energy and health related parameters within a work space: temperature, humidity, air quality (volatile organic compound content), noise, luminosity and user satisfaction. The cubes, which are independent of the building information systems, are placed on desks and in meeting rooms and corridors. The data they measure is recorded in the cloud. When the temperature is perceived to be too high or too low within a space, a VINCI Facilities technician responds; and an excessive period of time between two noise sensor readings indicates that a meeting room is under-utilised.

“By working with the VINCI Energies Group, we will be able to step up building digitalisation. Workspace quality and energy efficiency are key goals for all companies. The GreenMe sensor cube actively helps to meet the growing objective of “taking care” of end users and improving comfort in work environments,” says Alexandre Dugarry, founder of the GreenMe start-up.

The Internet of Things opens up vast potential for innovations with immediate impact on end user satisfaction. “In facility management work, the Internet of Things enables us to exploit the data collected to improve and adjust our services. High-quality data collection in buildings is crucial to providing the detailed information that we use in our work and gives us a more accurate picture of the end user and his or her real needs,” says Philippe Conus, Director of the VINCI Facilities brand.

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