VINCI Energies invests in Pysae

VINCI Energies invests in startup Pysae via its Inerbiz investment fund.

Pysae_texteVINCI Energies has decided to support Pysae by acquiring a minority stake through its managerial and financial investment fund Inerbiz. This acquisition will accelerate Pysae’s expansion and strengthen synergies -- notably commercial synergies -- with VINCI Energies.

Pysae develops innovative operation and passenger information solutions for urban and rural transport systems to give them access to connected mobility. Working for local authorities and transport operators, Pysae uses mobile digital technologies such as smartphones to deliver services ranging from passenger information to real-time geo-location of buses and coaches, operational management and smart home-to-school ticketing. In a sector dominated by established market leaders, Pysae is expanding rapidly. More than 200 vehicles -- some operated by the RATP, Transdev and CarPostal – are now fitted with its solutions.

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