VINCI Energies involved in works on underground section of T6 tramway

Several VINCI Energies companies are working together on the last section of the T6 tramway, a line linking Châtillon and Viroflay (Paris region).

SDEL__texte SDEL Transport en Commun, SDEL Transport Grands Projets, Cegelec Paris Ventilation and Actemium Paris Transport are involved in the T6 tramway project which links the towns of Châtillon and Viroflay. SDEL Transport en Commun is handling the project's high voltage and low voltage packages, while the three other companies are carrying out the ventilation and smoke extraction works as part of a consortium. The project involves creating two underground stations (Viroflay rive droite and Viroflay rive gauche), a 1,600m tunnel, and a ventilation and safety shaft.

A project that combines the expertise of VINCI Energies companies

"Communication is vital in this project as everything is interlinked. Cegelec Paris Ventilation dimensions the equipment to achieve the required air flow, so that smoke can be extracted from the rail tunnel and stations in the event of fire. We need to know the power requirements so as to dimension the electrical installations. And Actemium Paris Transport, which is in charge of instrumentation and control, needs to know all the input and output points of what is going to be controlled", explains Christiane Faria Da Costa, design office manager at SDEL Transport Grands Projets, which carried out the studies and works for the high voltage power supply as well as the studies for the related controller wiring.

"We provided our expertise in the dimensioning of the ventilation installations and the works involved in this section, specifically the installation and handling of the equipment then the commissioning, a crucial phase of the project ", adds Sergio Da Mota, project manager at Cegelec Paris Ventilation. Each station is fitted out with two fans and control cabinets for the equipment, in other words the controls that are used to power and supervise the equipment. On this last point, Actemium Paris Transport worked as part of an integrated team with SDEL Transport Grands Projets and Cegelec Paris Ventilation to develop the automation systems and supervision of smoke extraction.

SDEL Transport en commun was responsible for two of the project's major packages. "In terms of infrastructure, the low voltage and lighting works involve installing the entire power distribution system for the structure's facilities, namely lighting, ventilation, air conditioning, safety equipment, lifts and escalators", outlines Julien Birepinte, project manager at SDEL Transport en commun. The company will also handle the lighting for the technical and public areas, and provide the safety lighting for the structure. "Overall, more than 1,350 lighting fixtures will be installed, and particular attention was given to selecting energy-efficient fittings that use LED technology for example", points out Julien Birepinte.

Moreover, the company is carrying out the low voltage package, which involves installing public address, safety, CCTV, voice-video-data network, telephony and intercom, passenger information, access control and intrusion systems, and delivering an equipment and site management support system.

A key feature of the project for SDEL Transport en Commun is that it is managing two separate project management consultancies (RATP, the Paris public transport system, for the low voltage package, and EGIS RAIL for the high voltage package) with different methods and approaches. "One of the main difficulties has been to clearly define and summarise, as the interface, all the electrical requirements of the different packages. Numerous stakeholders got involved in the project along the way and we sometimes had to wait for them to start the detailed design before we could finalise the electrical dimensioning of our installations", recalls Julien Birepinte.

For SDEL Transport Grands Projets and Cegelec Paris Ventilation, which are used to road tunnels, this is its first large-scale public transport project. SDEL Transport en Commun, by contrast, has been a major, recognised player in the field of electrical works for railway infrastructure in the Paris region for many years.

The last phase of works is now under way, and the project should be completed in the first half of 2016.