VINCI Energies is a Thecamp partner

What will the city look like in future? With Thecamp, a new-generation campus dedicated to the city of the 21st century and to digital transformation, the city of the future is taking shape in Aix en Provence.

thecampThecamp was officially launched on 5 July 2015 at a meeting attended by Emmanuel Macron, French Minister of Economy and Finance, and a large number of project partners. Reflecting the Thecamp philosophy, the project will bring together stakeholders, including representatives of industry and startups, designers, local authorities, researchers and students, to discuss, share, invent and test the components of the city of the future.

Because VINCI Energies shares this philosophy, the group is a partner of the innovative project set to open in Aix en Provence in 2017. Showcasing and demonstrating the innovations that will be part of our daily lives in future, the place will be a one-of-a-kind ecosystem in France and in Europe.

As Lydia Babaci-Victor, VINCI Energies Director of Development and Innovation, explains, “The strength of this multidisciplinary campus will also lie in its educational activities focused on digital technologies and transformation. We need to experiment with the city of the 21st century in a place devoid of commercial purpose. The time has come to move from think tank to do tank.”

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Thecamp Corporate from thecamp on Vimeo.