VINCI Energies on the web

  1. Fradin Bretton

    Business unit website Fradin Bretton

    Fradin Bretton is a business unit of VINCI Energies Group specializes in the design and…

  2. GASQUET Entreprise

    Business unit website GASQUET Entreprise

    GASQUET is a French business unit dedicated in studies and construction of electricity…

  3. Gauriau Entreprise

    Business unit website Gauriau Entreprise

    Integrator of electrical engineering, Gauriau Business unit helps its industrial customers.

  4. Germany

    Country website Germany

    Discover VINCI Energies in Germany

  5. GETELEC Guadeloupe

    Business unit website GETELEC Guadeloupe

    The Getelec Electricité business unit implements power system infrastructure, service and…

  6. GT Vendée

    Business unit website GT Vendée

    With roots in the Vendée region, GT Vendée pursues its business project to serve its customers.

  7. GTIE Rennes

    Business unit website GTIE Rennes

    The business unit provides expertise in power distribution, climate engineering, property and…

  8. Guy Chatel

    Business unit website Guy Chatel

    Founded by Guy Chatel in 1932, our business unit is a respected provider of quality network…

  9. I.C.Entreprises

    Business unit website I.C.Entreprises

    An 80-year track record, working for several hundred industrial, hospital, service and public…

  10. I2R

    Business unit website I2R

    We primarily address transport issues.