Allianz Riviera Stadium


The Nice Stadium, inaugurated on September 22, is the first of three stadiums built by VINCI within the framework of the UEFA 2016. It was built within the framework of a PPP (Public Private Partnership) which covered the design, financing, construction, operation and maintenance.

It took slightly more than 24 months to build and outfit the stadium. Jean-Michel Wilmotte, the architect who imagined the project, designed the structure with sustainable development in mind: natural air conditioning using the prevailing winds of the plain of the Var, a system for the recovery of rainwater and 4000 photovoltaic panels that should give it a positive energy balance.

Several VINCI Energies business units were involved in this project to carry out the electricity (high current, low current and lighting), plumbing, and HVAC (air conditioning, ventilation, heating) work and to install the sprinkler fire protection system. 3000 sprinkler heads on 4 levels and 16 km of piping were needed to protect this 35,000-seat stadium! VINCI Facilities will provide the technical maintenance, major upkeep and repair work and a wide range of services at the site for 27 years.